opening intros and ticktock no.1 (in brief)

Hi friends!

This blog is a place where the three women of ticktock can write about our work and document our process. So, hello! This is Liza. Here are some first thoughts…

When we formed the company last Summer, we had one common goal: To fuse our aerial skills with our modern dancer sensibilities and make a new kind of aerial dance. Something that existed in the space between modern dance and circus arts. Something that pushed the boundaries of our physical capabilities and still read as works of dance — not just trick after trick.

It’s tricky to explain.

Joshua Windsor wrote about our first show on

“ticktock blends the showmanship of aerial acrobatics with the emotive content of modern dance—or uses the emotive elements of dance to construct aerial routines—or adds the showmanship of acrobatics to the process of creating dance. I suppose it’s a little of each.”

Yes… something like that.

We produced our first show two weeks ago, after just about 4 months in rehearsal– endlessly trying to break apart the language of aerial tricks, deciding what we were really trying to say with all this climbing and falling, and figuring out how to use both the floor and the space above it appropriately. We did it, performed it, tore it down, and then this week, we went back into the studio and kept right on working on it. Yup.

We are putting up No.1 again throughout the summer in a few different venues in and around Seattle. It is still evolving. If you saw the show at Emerald City, you’ll have some chances to see it again… please do! It will be different, maybe even better! We would love your feedback as we keep creating this new language. For the most part, I feel like we will be presenting this show, with a few additions and revisions, through the end of the year, when we are going to put it away for a bit to do a new show in December. More on that, and some fun summer antics (a little intermezzo, if you will — remember that quip about us liking to drink?), as things develop. We will keep you fully updated here.

Here are some of our favorite pics from the show. You can see more on our Flickr and video will be up soon. All photos are by John Cornicello.

About ticktockdance

We are the Pacific Northwest's only post modern aerial circus and dance company, producing the collaborative work of Bridget Gunning, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Schaffner. We will rock your face off. View all posts by ticktockdance

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