Bridget- Trifecta Complete

I started this sentence three times before I decided I would not delete it again. Yes, it’s me, the tall one. The impulsive one, almost a loose cannon. Kaboom. Ideas spew from mouths, we listen. Yay or nay or that’s totally gay. We let each idea have it’s time and we try it out in the studio. We work well like that:
Oh oh I know! I could catapult you across the space and Jill would be there to catch you, and using the momentum, spin around to slide you back across the floor where you would find me, having transitioned back onto the trap, dangling and obstructing you. You push up into a handstand so that we are both inverted, then you go into your toehang beside mine and Jill flings herself and we could base her there. What do you think? That’s totally gay.
We want something fresh. Fusing circus and dance is not a new concept. These are not just tricks and this is not just emotive dance. We have our own brand. We break it down to it’s smallest parts…until a toehang is just a toehang and you are watching me do it and I see you watching me do it. What?
We want to bring “no.1” to other places so that we can stare at our audience, self-aware and completely confrontational and ready to talk about the fact that every toehang is just a fucking toehang. We are real, we sweat and try hard, we have mood swings and dream of running away and never coming back. We bite down and conquer and stand on tops of mountains. We know how it feels to be human and we know that you feel it too.

About ticktockdance

We are the Pacific Northwest's only post modern aerial circus and dance company, producing the collaborative work of Bridget Gunning, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Schaffner. We will rock your face off. View all posts by ticktockdance

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