Summer fun!

Here are some pics of our pieces at SEAF 2010:

You can see more on our Flickr– Just click the thumbnails to the right ——->.

We had an amazing time. I loved working with director Roger Benington in his show, Cabaret de Curiosités, and would love to collaborate again sometime. Hmmm… future ticktock guest director, maybe? Stay tuned!

And also, there was all the wine we drank. That also makes things fun, and this weekend was no exception.

In 9 days, Jill and I will be in NYC! We are SO excited and ready! Please tell your NYC friends to come see us. It is up to the performers in this festival to make it happen, and we are inviting simply EVERYONE! Leave us a comment and let us know if you get tickets, so we can know who’s coming.

Here is the link:

Our Ashland dates have been moved to the second weekend of June– promo material on the way very soon. We will be teaching as well as performing. We’ve got some fun things planned for our rep and partnering workshops! *evil grin*

OH! And we just got word last night that we will be at Artopia this year! Yay! Mark your calendars for June 26th. It’s going to be amazing. We will be performing the new and improved no.1 on an outdoor stage with a freestanding rig in the middle of the street in Georgetown. Ridiculous. We can’t think of anything more fun.

We are still finalizing details for Oly, with a few other cities in the works. We’ll let you know as soon as plans shape up.

There are a few other late-breaking solo local performances happening soon as well: Bridget will be performing on May 8 at Monster Art and Clothing as part of the Ballard Artwalk, and Liza will be performing at Tamara The Trapeze Lady’s Broadway Follies on May 27th. Keep an eye out– you never know where we might turn up.

Stay in touch, ya’ll. We love hearing from you…

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We are the Pacific Northwest's only post modern aerial circus and dance company, producing the collaborative work of Bridget Gunning, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Schaffner. We will rock your face off. View all posts by ticktockdance

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