Hi everybody!  E-Ro. here, updating from Austin, TX — my hometown.

First off– we have lots of fun video and stories from our trip to Ashland, OR.  But they will have to wait until I can edit all the vid.  I am going to make you guys a fun video entry about that.  But our students kicked ass, our hostess was superb, and we had an amazing time in gorgeous, idyllic Ashland!

Right now I am in Austin, preparing to perform my trap solo in the Big Range Austin Dance Festival.  This festival is the work of indie choreographer Ellen Bartel.  I danced for Ellen back when I lived her, and surprised her with an application to the festival this year.

The program is beautiful, with a new piece by Ellen involving 20 dancers on video and on stage, all waiting for trains in a station.  If you’re not familiar with Ellen’s work, Google SPANK! Dance Company right now. The show also includes sublime work from Anuradha Niampally, who does the best traditional Indian dance this side of the pond.  Her piece, a trio, is so detailed, so precise, and just mindblowing.  I was also surprised to see ex- Seattlite Andy Noble and his current company, NobleMotion.  Their piece uses these big, bright light boxes on the stage, with the dancers moving around them– but the audience can’t see what’s behind them because they are so bright.  The effect is really brilliant, with dancers appearing out of the void and disappearing again just as dreamily as the came.  So beautiful!

It’s nice to be back here and performing for the first time in 9 years.  I am hoping to pin down a venue for ticktock to come back with the whole shebang– but our venue for the festival, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, is only 18 feet high.  So I may have to do a little more recon while I am here.

Jilly and B Rock, I miss you so much!

Alright, I’m off.  Coffee awaits.



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