A Dweam Wiphin A Dweam

The duet; Bridget and Elizabeth. We see a new apparatus that allows us to swing in large arches. I desire skimming my feet on a smooth floor as I swing to and fro. I want to swing up high then find the floor really really low. I want it to feel like the silence after a gasp. If we could be over water it would be too perfect…site specific performance anyone? I have movements in my imagination that are flounce, buoyant with high suspensions. There are also low, low spirally skitters across the floor.
This is the kind of work I want to make. I want this challenge; breaking the bounds of circus and contemporary dance. It feels organic and sensual to imagine; the dream world we can create that exists between these realms.
Until we meet again E-Roe! Very soon!!

About ticktockdance

We are the Pacific Northwest's only post modern aerial circus and dance company, producing the collaborative work of Bridget Gunning, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Schaffner. We will rock your face off. View all posts by ticktockdance

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