Smoke Farm, side projects, and a baby

Oh my goodness.


What is happening in ticktockland?


Picking up where we left off…


We’d like to welcome the littlest ticktocker, Miss Violet Rae.  She is cute as a button, and now almost 5 months old! Jilly is the most beautiful mama ever.



She even made a cameo in August at Smoke Farm with Mama’s company, Storm Warning.  Gorgeous!







I performed as well, on my swing.  Here’s a pic by the awesome Melanie Masson:




I’ll be taking my piece to New Orleans to perform in the Fringe again in… Eep!  10 days!


I will post a press release and more info in the next day or so.  I need to update our teaching schedules as well; the bunch of us are teaching away over here…


More later.




About ticktockdance

We are the Pacific Northwest's only post modern aerial circus and dance company, producing the collaborative work of Bridget Gunning, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Schaffner. We will rock your face off. View all posts by ticktockdance

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