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Liza performs live with Zoe Keating!

Hey ticktockland!


I have a very fun announcement!  I just got booked to perform my solo trapeze (the one from “no.1”) with Zoe Keating!  Zoe composed the music that inspired the piece, so when I heard she was coming to the Triple Door, I sent her a video.  She e-mailed me back yesterday, saying she would love to have me perform it with her!


Shows are March 28&29. Here’s a ticket link:


I would love to have you there!





…and just like THAT!

Jill is stateside again and this summer is so yesterday.

Check out the official junk on our Chicago show and SEND YOUR FRIENDS.

Aloft Dance is so proud and excited to present ticktock no. 1 on 9/11 and 9/12 at 9 PM at the Aloft Loft.

ticktock will rock you face off! Seriously.


the experiment: deconstructed circus meets post-modern dance.

no.1 is a conceptual fantasy, told through dance and aerial circus, in which three bodies are compelled to explore their physical and parapsycholgical relationship to one another. While fighting gravity and spinning spectacle, each body must find a place in the order of things –their own no.1.

By confronting the audience with the humanity and sometimes awkward self-awareness of the performers, standing in contrast to their seemingly surreal athleticism, no. 1 is a savory ontological journey of sublime intricacy that flings our most guileless desires onto a vertical landscape.


What people are saying:

“a sharp, teasing character study…Beautiful in the plain light of day”
–Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

“somehow imbued… with a graceful sensuality that was both soothing and titillating.”
–Warren Etheridge, The Warren Report

“…always thoughtful, always professional… The level of your craft is incredible …ethereal beauty that is difficult to describe… Thank you.” –Clayton Hibbert, Artistic Director, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

“The most creative aerial dance we’ve ever seen!” –Shayna Swanson, Aloft Aerial Dance

tix again:

“Bridget kicks ass at the Royal” video + workshops, workshops, workshops + the imminent return of Jill

Watch the bar manager in the white shirt flee about halfway in– she was sure those top shelf tequila bottles were coming down!

ticktock is going to Chicago in September to teach and perform at Aloft, and Bridget and I thought we’d give our Seattle family first crack at the workshops we’re offering.  Check it.  Do it.  Tell your friends.

Note that each workshop is being offered twice; they are not two-part workshops although I’m sure you would be welcome to take them twice, or take different ones each weekend.  You may register for all three workshops in advance for $120.  See individual price below.
Please register directly with Elizabeth
Creative Partnering – 2 hours, $40
Saturday, August 7 OR  Saturday, August 14, 2:00-4:00 pm
Learn to share weight in the air in ways that make partnering easier and more fluid.  This class begins by focusing on detailed techniques of hand-to-hand and progresses to basing and flying skills that are unusual or rarely seen, viewing partnering as choreography and conversation rather than the usual tricks and static poses, with an emphasis on skills that work with partners of similar weight.  We also use elements of acro balancing and yoga as exercises for discovering new aerial movement and complementary floor work.
Floorwork for Aerialists – 2 hours, $40
Saturday, August 7 OR Saturday, August 14 – 4:30-6:30 pm
Have you ever wanted to begin or end your aerial act with an exciting floor sequence but didn’t know where to start? In this class we will work on creating short, dynamic dance sequences to introduce or complete your piece, add a breather in the middle of long acts, make transitions between acts or off the stage, and find movement on the floor that complements your style in the air. 

Building an Act: Elements of Choreography – 3 hours, $60
Sunday, August 8 OR Sunday August 15, 11 am – 2 pm
The three elements of choreography are space, time, and energy.  We can use these concepts as lenses to dissect and define any movement.  Dance choreographers have been using this process of inquiry to make work for decades.  We are going to take these three elements of choreography to the circus.  Discover a systematic approach to putting your tricks together in a way that sets them apart and makes them come alive as performance, rather than just displays of movement.  You can use this system to create or overhaul any aerial act.

We are heading to Chicago on Sept. 4, like, 36 hours after Jill returns from Spain, so the Chicago stint will be the first time we’ve all been together since June.  We are chomping at the bit to get some new work happening.  Can’t wave a dead chicken in our studio without smacking into a good idea.  So, obviously we’ve got to do something about that.

More soon, loves. Bises.  -Liza

Summer fun!

Here are some pics of our pieces at SEAF 2010:

You can see more on our Flickr– Just click the thumbnails to the right ——->.

We had an amazing time. I loved working with director Roger Benington in his show, Cabaret de Curiosités, and would love to collaborate again sometime. Hmmm… future ticktock guest director, maybe? Stay tuned!

And also, there was all the wine we drank. That also makes things fun, and this weekend was no exception.

In 9 days, Jill and I will be in NYC! We are SO excited and ready! Please tell your NYC friends to come see us. It is up to the performers in this festival to make it happen, and we are inviting simply EVERYONE! Leave us a comment and let us know if you get tickets, so we can know who’s coming.

Here is the link:

Our Ashland dates have been moved to the second weekend of June– promo material on the way very soon. We will be teaching as well as performing. We’ve got some fun things planned for our rep and partnering workshops! *evil grin*

OH! And we just got word last night that we will be at Artopia this year! Yay! Mark your calendars for June 26th. It’s going to be amazing. We will be performing the new and improved no.1 on an outdoor stage with a freestanding rig in the middle of the street in Georgetown. Ridiculous. We can’t think of anything more fun.

We are still finalizing details for Oly, with a few other cities in the works. We’ll let you know as soon as plans shape up.

There are a few other late-breaking solo local performances happening soon as well: Bridget will be performing on May 8 at Monster Art and Clothing as part of the Ballard Artwalk, and Liza will be performing at Tamara The Trapeze Lady’s Broadway Follies on May 27th. Keep an eye out– you never know where we might turn up.

Stay in touch, ya’ll. We love hearing from you…


here are some bits of our show… enjoy!

itchy feet

thinking about the twisted train solo …. dirt and anticipation, fear and itchy feet….i wanted to leave today. this town feels too small sometimes, but i guess even new york city can feel small if you never leave your own little circle. i found this awesome antique caboose once, somewhere north of seattle. it had a bed, a furnace, little dining table, and a cool seat that was situated up high in front of a window so that you could see what’s coming down the tracks. sometimes i wish i had a view like that of my own life, and of the creative process in particular. More often than not it’s more like my head is in the furnace wondering what’s cooking and praying we don’t derail.
I’m happy get back to work, but i’ll be even more happy to start working on a new show. I crave some kind of narrative, or at least a definite atmosphere. no.1 felt like a bunch of separate pieces of cloth that will never quite be one thing no matter how artfully you try to weave them together. ) Nevertheless, i think that’s okay to have a patchwork as a first show….i’m just impatient and like i said before, i have itchy feet 🙂
good thing we’re going to NYC!!!! Yay!

busy, busy, busy!

Okay! Here’s a bunch of things we’re doing… I keep saying how we’re making summer plans, so here is a little bit to get you started:

Local Appearances:
-Sunday March 21, 7:30 PM at Hale’s Palladium, Elizabeth will be performing her trap solo from no.1 as part of the the Moisture Festival.

-Wednesday, March 24, 7:30 PM at Hale’s Palladium, Jill and Elizabeth will both be performing solos at AerLift, a benefit show for Camino Seguro. Camino Seguro is an organization that helps kids and families who live off the garbage dump in Guatemala City, Mexico. You can get tix (if it’s not sold out yet) from the Moisture Festival website (linked above).

-Saturday, April 3, 6-9pm at Grey Gallery on Cap Hill, Bridget and Elizabeth will both be performing at a fundraiser for our sister company, Manifold Motion. Come on out and support our amazing, talented friends!

-Fri-Sun, Apr. 30-May 2 at the Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center, Elizabeth will be unveiling a new solo on a new sculptural apparatus in Roger Benington’s Cabaret de Curiosities at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Frankly, the show is going to be off the hook. So get your advanced tickets right effing now.

And then… we go on the road a bit!

Sat & Sun, May 15 & 16, we are in NYC! Jill and Elizabeth have been invited to perform their duo, “deamons no.1” as part of the 2010 Aerial Dance Fest. Performances are at 8:30pm at the JCC in Manhattan; Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Family Auditorium.

Fri-Sun, May 28-30, we return from New York just in time to turn around and head to fantastic Ashland, Oregon! All kidding aside, we are honored to be hosted by Dancing People Company for a weekend of workshops and performances. We’ll be teaching aerial rep and partnering workshops and doing 2 performances of no.1. Ticket info coming soon– looks as though the website is down for the moment…

Sat & Sun, July 3 & 4, Elizabeth will be performing “Studio:Morning” in the Big Range Dance Festival in Austin. Perfromances will happen at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre, please check the festival schedule for showtimes.

There are more things cooking, including a trip to Olympia in June, but details have yet to be finalized. We’ll let you know as things happen. Thanks for all the love and support! Let us know what’s happening in your worlds…

opening intros and ticktock no.1 (in brief)

Hi friends!

This blog is a place where the three women of ticktock can write about our work and document our process. So, hello! This is Liza. Here are some first thoughts…

When we formed the company last Summer, we had one common goal: To fuse our aerial skills with our modern dancer sensibilities and make a new kind of aerial dance. Something that existed in the space between modern dance and circus arts. Something that pushed the boundaries of our physical capabilities and still read as works of dance — not just trick after trick.

It’s tricky to explain.

Joshua Windsor wrote about our first show on

“ticktock blends the showmanship of aerial acrobatics with the emotive content of modern dance—or uses the emotive elements of dance to construct aerial routines—or adds the showmanship of acrobatics to the process of creating dance. I suppose it’s a little of each.”

Yes… something like that.

We produced our first show two weeks ago, after just about 4 months in rehearsal– endlessly trying to break apart the language of aerial tricks, deciding what we were really trying to say with all this climbing and falling, and figuring out how to use both the floor and the space above it appropriately. We did it, performed it, tore it down, and then this week, we went back into the studio and kept right on working on it. Yup.

We are putting up No.1 again throughout the summer in a few different venues in and around Seattle. It is still evolving. If you saw the show at Emerald City, you’ll have some chances to see it again… please do! It will be different, maybe even better! We would love your feedback as we keep creating this new language. For the most part, I feel like we will be presenting this show, with a few additions and revisions, through the end of the year, when we are going to put it away for a bit to do a new show in December. More on that, and some fun summer antics (a little intermezzo, if you will — remember that quip about us liking to drink?), as things develop. We will keep you fully updated here.

Here are some of our favorite pics from the show. You can see more on our Flickr and video will be up soon. All photos are by John Cornicello.