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New Orleans has stolen my <3.

Hey tickockland!

Well! It was an insane month of preparations to get us here. I can’t even begin to go into detail. It seems like every time we put up domestic variations, it darn near kills us. Then… we don’t die, we do the show, and it’s over all too soon.

Wednesday night we wheeled the bed outside to the pre-party and parked it on the road by the train tracks and Dani stopped traffic so we could do our preview performance. We were totes punk rock.

Thursday night the house was not quite full, but the audience was lovely. The venue manager reported that one woman said as she was leaving, “I want more variations!” And the guy selling pizza in the alley watched the show from the doorway and bought a ticket after it was over. That might be my favorite story ever.

We’ve gotten a great response so far. It’s almost like people here like art or something.

Yesterday we got up at 5am to go down to the venue and perform for a TV spot on Good Morning New Orleans. Look Mom! We’re on TV!,0,4794619.story

Last night we pulled the biggest house in the history of the festival, and they turned about 30 people away.

The Nola Defender named us “best of the fest”. That probably helped.

This festival is amazeballs!! We saw Hand2Mouth do their incredible show “My Mind is Like an Open Meadow” and everybody cried. Then we saw “Zombies, Actually… an undead musical” and everybody laughed. So… we got that covered, lest you worry that we weren’t having a well-rounded Fringe experience. Tonight we’re seeing a couple shows before call, and tomorrow as well. I’m excited to see Poki and Ember’s show “Button Wagon”, and Claire Moody’s “the invisible draft”… and SO many more that I will probably miss.. *sigh* I might come back next year just to attend. The work is THAT good.

Tonight we’ve got a late slot at 11pm, and then we’re going dancing at Mimi’s. Catch up with us if you’re in town!

Love from Above,
and ticktock/team NOLA!

open rehearsal on Sunday May 1!

hellooooooooo ticktockland!

In case you haven’t heard, we are holding an open rehearsal and (FREE) wine sipping this weekend at FRED. Come sneak a peek at our new work! Here’s your deets:

Where: FRED Wildlife Refuge, 127 E. Boylston on Cap Hill, across the street from B&O.

When: Sunday May 1, 2-4pm

Why: Because we like you.



top five karaoke moments from last night

5. “This song came out in 1988. You were five.” *facepalm*
4. Not that we know every word to the Humpty Dance or anything
3. “I can’t mulabandha and AC/DC at the same time.”
2. Killswitch Engage– your breath… for sun salutations, natch.
1. Shake it like a (“look what I can do!”) Hey-Ya dork dance FTW. (Hello, next ticktock show.)

Thanks everyone who came out to celebrate Jilly’s birthday with us. Don’t tell anyone about our penchant for musical theatre and please don’t let it ruin your image of ticktock as very serious intellectual post-modernist performance artists who are highly trained and disciplined athletes, K?

We heart each of your perfect faces individually.