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we made a little promo vid. check it:

the “post show” post

I’m still processing the experience of producing domestic variations. It was a difficult journey. While the three of us were able to work together in a positive, cohesive, and ultimately rewarding way, there were so many external or technical factors involved in the show that for three months, it seemed like everything might fall apart at any moment. I don’t know if I have the energy to do it like that ever again. We learned a lot about what to delegate and what to do ourselves, what and what not to pay for, who will and who will not show up, and how to just keep going — and be easy on ourselves.

I am profoundly grateful to my collaborators and to every single audience member who had enough faith in us to put their evening on the line by coming to our show.


a few pics from dress rehearsal <3

photos by

dear fans and loved ones



Guess what?  You can buy tickets to our show right here!

What’s this show about anyway?  Well, here’s a handy description right from our press release:

Seattle’s favorite aerial trio is at it again, fusing theatre, dance, and circus to intrigue and astonish you! Casting themselves as three women who live in the same house at different times, the ticktock trifecta explores the idea of “home” and where we find it, make it, or imagine it in “domestic variations”, running Friday-Sunday, June 17-26 at FRED Wildlife Refuge. Performed entirely on invented apparatus, ticktock puts their heavily acrobatic and circus infused dance into the literal landscape of an apartment, using furniture, human-sized picture frames, and the occasional household appliance instead of trapezes and silks to create a genre-defying work that challenges the mundane, the hyperreal, and all the day-to-day moments in between.

Tickets are $15 through Friday/Saturday showtimes are 7;30pm. Sundays are 7pm. ticktock is an associated program of the Shunpike.

We have a limited number of seats for each show, and we have to pack every night.  We need your help.  Share, re-post, tweet, send psychic brainwaves, bottle some messages, or activate the phone tree.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

See you there,


ticket link for domestic variations

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ticktock: domestic variations

Three women who inhabit the same house at different times explore the idea of “home” and the spaces where we make it, find it, or imagine it in a theatrical work incorporating circus arts, post-modern dance, and sculptural installation.

Fri-Sun June 17-26 @ FRED Wildlife Refuge

See you there!

open rehearsal on Sunday May 1!

hellooooooooo ticktockland!

In case you haven’t heard, we are holding an open rehearsal and (FREE) wine sipping this weekend at FRED. Come sneak a peek at our new work! Here’s your deets:

Where: FRED Wildlife Refuge, 127 E. Boylston on Cap Hill, across the street from B&O.

When: Sunday May 1, 2-4pm

Why: Because we like you.



Spring is all springlike and stuff

Even though the weather still blows, other energetic forces indicate that it is indeed spring in ticktockland. A slew of shows, new opportunities, and… new apparatus!

Miguel is hard at work already on all the new stuff for the June show, which features no traditional aerial apparatus at all. How can that be, you ask? Well come out to FRED later on this summer and you will see.

OK. We have a bunch more news and updates, too…

First of all, this was fun (photos by Natalya Pemberton):

See the rest at Natalya’s Flickr:

And this was fun:

Video by Brad Curran.

Many thanks to the brilliant Zoe Keating. <;3

Here's a great still from that show by Stuart Updegrave:

And Moisture Festival was pretty much the highlight of our year, as usual. Not many pics have surfaced yet but here is a pretty portrait that the venerable John Cornicello took of the Girl with the Umbrella:

I’ll be performing that piece later this month at Teatro ZinZanni’s late night cabaret, Mezzo Lunatico. <;<;—clicky for tix! It will be a VERY fun show.

What else…?


Keep an eye out for party info– we are planning a ticktock fundraising party for the new show, and you know how much fun we are at parties! In the meantime, you can always donate to us via Shunpike. We have to pay poor Miguel somehow…

Just click here:

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

$25 buys a carabiner, $30 buys us 20 feet of steel, $100 pays a dancer stipend for one performance, $150 buys a used clawfoot bathtub… I’ll just stop there. 🙂

We are also putting together a wishlist, which we will post and send ’round via e-mail, so make sure you’re either subscribed here or send an email to with “send me e-mail!” in the subject line.

Oh Oh! Yes! Guess who is a temporary ticktocker for the SEAF show??? The incredibly beautiful Kari Podgorski! She is killer! The show is going to be very different than anything the Festival has attempted thus far, and we are just about beside ourselves with excitement. Pencil in May 20&21 at Fremont Studios. See you then…

Hey, we love you folks.



Liza performs live with Zoe Keating!

Hey ticktockland!


I have a very fun announcement!  I just got booked to perform my solo trapeze (the one from “no.1”) with Zoe Keating!  Zoe composed the music that inspired the piece, so when I heard she was coming to the Triple Door, I sent her a video.  She e-mailed me back yesterday, saying she would love to have me perform it with her!


Shows are March 28&29. Here’s a ticket link:


I would love to have you there!





get silly with us.

Fun! Fun!

Next Weekend!  Next Weekend!



Listen people:  This show is all camp and ridic’lessness.  But we LOVE working with this group of talented artists and The Wizard of Oz is an undeniably cool piece of American mythology.  We’ve ticktocked it up with these silly characters, so come see us be the Lollipop Guild (yes, we are cross dressing), the Flying Monkeys (creeptastic), and Bridget as the Scarecrow (seriously:  what!?!?!)


It’s at the Triple Door, yo.