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top five karaoke moments from last night

5. “This song came out in 1988. You were five.” *facepalm*
4. Not that we know every word to the Humpty Dance or anything
3. “I can’t mulabandha and AC/DC at the same time.”
2. Killswitch Engage– your breath… for sun salutations, natch.
1. Shake it like a (“look what I can do!”) Hey-Ya dork dance FTW. (Hello, next ticktock show.)

Thanks everyone who came out to celebrate Jilly’s birthday with us. Don’t tell anyone about our penchant for musical theatre and please don’t let it ruin your image of ticktock as very serious intellectual post-modernist performance artists who are highly trained and disciplined athletes, K?

We heart each of your perfect faces individually.