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…and just like THAT!

Jill is stateside again and this summer is so yesterday.

Check out the official junk on our Chicago show and SEND YOUR FRIENDS.

Aloft Dance is so proud and excited to present ticktock no. 1 on 9/11 and 9/12 at 9 PM at the Aloft Loft.

ticktock will rock you face off! Seriously.


the experiment: deconstructed circus meets post-modern dance.

no.1 is a conceptual fantasy, told through dance and aerial circus, in which three bodies are compelled to explore their physical and parapsycholgical relationship to one another. While fighting gravity and spinning spectacle, each body must find a place in the order of things –their own no.1.

By confronting the audience with the humanity and sometimes awkward self-awareness of the performers, standing in contrast to their seemingly surreal athleticism, no. 1 is a savory ontological journey of sublime intricacy that flings our most guileless desires onto a vertical landscape.

tix: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/123712

What people are saying:

“a sharp, teasing character study…Beautiful in the plain light of day”
–Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

“somehow imbued… with a graceful sensuality that was both soothing and titillating.”
–Warren Etheridge, The Warren Report

“…always thoughtful, always professional… The level of your craft is incredible …ethereal beauty that is difficult to describe… Thank you.” –Clayton Hibbert, Artistic Director, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

“The most creative aerial dance we’ve ever seen!” –Shayna Swanson, Aloft Aerial Dance

tix again: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/123712

warning: slightly incoherent dancer geekery ahead

Last night, Jill and I sat talking about being an aerialist versus being a dancer. The anatomy of aerial. The shortening and lengthening of lines… What is holding oneself in space? I mean, what is it to the body? And holding oneself up on the floor? What is release technique in the air? What is lifting off the ground? She showed me old videos of herself from before she was an aerialist, and I saw myself in the way she moved then, as now… sameness walks ahead of us so often.

She said to me, “I need to dance like this again.”

These inquiries are what make the process interesting to us, I think. Infusing aerial technique with a dancer’s awareness.

But it doesn’t feel the same. Your body changes and adapts to aerial and you can’t change it back. In dancing, lines are long, spirals are recognized, initiations are fulfilled. Defying the laws of physics and fighting gravity… feels like physical deception. Sometimes. Where are my spirals then? My center is shortened– higher. My arms are never easy, my fingers always curl, sending energy back in to my hands instead of out beyond. The look of ease is just a look. The work of suspension is more than that of standing, because it has to be. Because the shoulders aren’t connected bone to bone the way the pelvis is. It’s not metaphysical. Just plain physical.

But what if, as we hang and lift, the spirals simply shift– into the palms then into the apparatus? What if we yield our energy up instead of down? What if the “ballet spaces” are widened by gravity when we are hanging– there’s no floor to stop expansion, after all. What if the work is not what we focus on, but the feeling of height, large-ness, being able to reach energy up and down much further into space than when we had the floor to fall into? Then make gestures as poignant as those we made while standing– choreograph with twists that twist “up into” instead of “down into”, with gestures that happen in our feet, which are free… Articulate the same thoughts in different physical places. Then, being in the air becomes less confining — not an obstruction to movement, just a place of different abilities.

I think of this when I’m on the floor.

Now, if I could only think of being on the floor when I’m on the floor, like everyone else… now that would be something.


here are some bits of our show… enjoy!


woke up before the alarm, rehearsal is in an hour. I’m excited about how quickly things are moving, all the opportunities that have been coming our way, and the creative momentum that it has created. The floor section is coming along. We cut out a lot of the fat, and now its a lean, mean piece of dance sprinkled with some interesting acrobatics. I can’t wait to see ricochet’s show tonight. Their piece on strings in Moisture festival was full of complex movement and ethereal images that you don’t see in seattle that often. I was also excited by Terry Crane’s rope act. I love how he makes it seem like he’s dancing on the rope, rather than looking like a retired male gymnast who just transposed ring moves to a vertical apparatus. His floor work was graceful and snappy. OH! and this guy Simon Chaban did a full twisting back flip from standing. Elizabeth and I were amazed and wishing that we were twelve again….

12 Minutes Max!

Yesterday we all rolled in to the studio late– a *ahem* few minutes after 10am, and had a kind of a weird moment… we all started asking each other about work the night before. The trifecta was swept to the 4 winds a few days ago– Liza to Vashon Island to perform with the Aerialistas, Bridget to Corvallis, OR to teach at a yoga retreat, and Jill stayed in Seattle to perform at the new Velocity space on Cap Hill on Saturday night. The rundown was that the Velocity party was a blast and everyone was hammered and Jill had fun blowing people’s minds, the Vashon shows were great and Moisture Festival is more fun every year, and the retreat was intimate and rewarding and we love our friend Jessica in Corvallis who organized it. But we all felt a little funny to have been doing our things apart instead of together. Our work depends so much on our common language– the catch-you-pull-me doesn’t work unless we are focused in our bodies and on each other. It takes a measure of focus and precision and energy. It is work. And we were all exhausted; Bridget had even driven straight back into town and to rehearsal.

And in 2 hours, we had to perform at an audition.

So we slapped on some makeup, did some pliés, ran the piece and tried to connect, put on our costumes, grabbed the iPod and made a mad dash for Queen Anne.

We rolled into On the Boards planning to meanface the competition, but they actually turned out to be these sweet young girls who didn’t need meanface-ing at all, and then our friend Andre, who needed it even less. We didn’t know the curators and figured if we had an epic fail, we’d just come back next time.

But apparently we didn’t.

So come see us in 12 Minutes Max at On the Boards April 11 &12. We’ll be performing “What I’ll Show You” from no.1. We’d love to see you there!


pics from last night…

Oh goodness! We had such fun performing at AerLift. What a super night! If you missed it, you missed Jill’s awesome performance of her new rope piece. But don’t be sad! You can see it this weekend at the Velocity party. It’s the grand opening of their new space. Go, support Velocity, have fun, and get totally creeped out. Watching the audience watch this piece is almost as much fun as watching Jill perform it…

itchy feet

thinking about the twisted train solo …. dirt and anticipation, fear and itchy feet….i wanted to leave today. this town feels too small sometimes, but i guess even new york city can feel small if you never leave your own little circle. i found this awesome antique caboose once, somewhere north of seattle. it had a bed, a furnace, little dining table, and a cool seat that was situated up high in front of a window so that you could see what’s coming down the tracks. sometimes i wish i had a view like that of my own life, and of the creative process in particular. More often than not it’s more like my head is in the furnace wondering what’s cooking and praying we don’t derail.
I’m happy get back to work, but i’ll be even more happy to start working on a new show. I crave some kind of narrative, or at least a definite atmosphere. no.1 felt like a bunch of separate pieces of cloth that will never quite be one thing no matter how artfully you try to weave them together. ) Nevertheless, i think that’s okay to have a patchwork as a first show….i’m just impatient and like i said before, i have itchy feet 🙂
good thing we’re going to NYC!!!! Yay!

busy, busy, busy!

Okay! Here’s a bunch of things we’re doing… I keep saying how we’re making summer plans, so here is a little bit to get you started:

Local Appearances:
-Sunday March 21, 7:30 PM at Hale’s Palladium, Elizabeth will be performing her trap solo from no.1 as part of the the Moisture Festival.

-Wednesday, March 24, 7:30 PM at Hale’s Palladium, Jill and Elizabeth will both be performing solos at AerLift, a benefit show for Camino Seguro. Camino Seguro is an organization that helps kids and families who live off the garbage dump in Guatemala City, Mexico. You can get tix (if it’s not sold out yet) from the Moisture Festival website (linked above).

-Saturday, April 3, 6-9pm at Grey Gallery on Cap Hill, Bridget and Elizabeth will both be performing at a fundraiser for our sister company, Manifold Motion. Come on out and support our amazing, talented friends!

-Fri-Sun, Apr. 30-May 2 at the Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center, Elizabeth will be unveiling a new solo on a new sculptural apparatus in Roger Benington’s Cabaret de Curiosities at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Frankly, the show is going to be off the hook. So get your advanced tickets right effing now.

And then… we go on the road a bit!

Sat & Sun, May 15 & 16, we are in NYC! Jill and Elizabeth have been invited to perform their duo, “deamons no.1” as part of the 2010 Aerial Dance Fest. Performances are at 8:30pm at the JCC in Manhattan; Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Family Auditorium.

Fri-Sun, May 28-30, we return from New York just in time to turn around and head to fantastic Ashland, Oregon! All kidding aside, we are honored to be hosted by Dancing People Company for a weekend of workshops and performances. We’ll be teaching aerial rep and partnering workshops and doing 2 performances of no.1. Ticket info coming soon– looks as though the website is down for the moment…

Sat & Sun, July 3 & 4, Elizabeth will be performing “Studio:Morning” in the Big Range Dance Festival in Austin. Perfromances will happen at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre, please check the festival schedule for showtimes.

There are more things cooking, including a trip to Olympia in June, but details have yet to be finalized. We’ll let you know as things happen. Thanks for all the love and support! Let us know what’s happening in your worlds…

in which our heroines are super optimistic while juggling other projects; trying to be computer savvy

Hi good people!

First off, I have to just acknowledge that we have been a little out of sorts this past week because of the death of our friend and volunteer, John Moore. He was an extremely kind and generous man. He was smart and talented and laughed a lot. We loved him personally and professionally. We will miss you very much, John.

On a happier note, ticktock is moving into the summer with a bunch of prospects and a slew of festival applications in hand. You might have spied Jill recently performing solo at the Brotherhood in Olympia. We will be returning to Oly at the end of May, performing no.1 — probably at the Royal but we are also exploring the idea of performing the show in an open air venue there… I don’t want to say too much but we will keep you posted. It’s so exciting! In July, I (hey, it’s Elizabeth!) will be taking my solo to Austin to perform in the Big Range Dance Festival. I am super psyched about that because I am from Austin, and haven’t performed there in over 10 years now. I can’t wait to see what old friends and collaborators have to say about my new work. I am eager to hear their feedback– they have a unique perspective of me as an artist. They knew me “when”.

I just spent about a dozen hours cutting video of no.1 into a ten minute trailer. I will definitely post a link…as soon as I figure out how to get the darn thing off of Bruce’s computer and in the correct format and online. Groan. It is hard work, ya’ll! I did it for support material for a bunch of applications– some things in the PNW, some not. I will post updates here on what pans out. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

As for now, Jill and I have a bunch of shows with our other project, the Aerialistas, coming up in the Moisture Festival. We opened at ACT Theatre this weekend, and will move on to Hales Palladium and Open Space on Vashon Island. You can see the full schedule of all my performances at lizaroseaerial.com. I will be performing my trap solo from no.1 twice at Hales, and Jill and Bridget will be making appearances at Aerlift on Mar. 24th, performing new ticktock works in progress. Jill might do her freaky avant Train Sounds rope solo– not to be missed!

In the meantime, we are in the studio working a lot on our hand-to-hand and acro skills. I don’t know why, but that just seems to be where our interests lie these days. Ideas are percolating for the next show, and it is going to be weird. Very, very weird. We can’t wait.

Leave us a comment if you’re reading this. We’d like to hear from you!

top five karaoke moments from last night

5. “This song came out in 1988. You were five.” *facepalm*
4. Not that we know every word to the Humpty Dance or anything
3. “I can’t mulabandha and AC/DC at the same time.”
2. Killswitch Engage– your breath… for sun salutations, natch.
1. Shake it like a (“look what I can do!”) Hey-Ya dork dance FTW. (Hello, next ticktock show.)

Thanks everyone who came out to celebrate Jilly’s birthday with us. Don’t tell anyone about our penchant for musical theatre and please don’t let it ruin your image of ticktock as very serious intellectual post-modernist performance artists who are highly trained and disciplined athletes, K?

We heart each of your perfect faces individually.