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woke up before the alarm, rehearsal is in an hour. I’m excited about how quickly things are moving, all the opportunities that have been coming our way, and the creative momentum that it has created. The floor section is coming along. We cut out a lot of the fat, and now its a lean, mean piece of dance sprinkled with some interesting acrobatics. I can’t wait to see ricochet’s show tonight. Their piece on strings in Moisture festival was full of complex movement and ethereal images that you don’t see in seattle that often. I was also excited by Terry Crane’s rope act. I love how he makes it seem like he’s dancing on the rope, rather than looking like a retired male gymnast who just transposed ring moves to a vertical apparatus. His floor work was graceful and snappy. OH! and this guy Simon Chaban did a full twisting back flip from standing. Elizabeth and I were amazed and wishing that we were twelve again….